Any situation requires practice, and sometimes you need to pull yourself together and start over. Moving towards the goal is not always as… Alcoholism is a debilitating condition which affects you and every person you know. Friends and loved ones are especially susceptible to the harmful effects of alcoholism. It’s easy to promise yourself to stop drinking constantly, goodbye letter to drug of choice but it’s much harder to take the initiative to stop drinking and… Write different versionsRecovery is a journey. It will take time; feel free to pen down new thoughts as your life changes and update the letter too. Be detailed enough; write as many versions as possible. Ignore grammarYeah, you heard that correctly. Document every thought that comes to your mind.

She’s also on the regional board of directors at the Center for Youth Ministry Training where they find new ways to minister to young people. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Tennessee. Cindy Patterson accepted her role as Chief Development and Marketing Officer in 2019. Of Development for Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, a position she held for 10 years after serving as Development Director for Nashville Read.

Why is it so meaningful to give to Cumberland Heights?

So, it helps to talk about the fun before the addiction took hold of life. Talk about the benefitsLook to the future and talk about the benefits of sobriety. What will your life look like when you say goodbye to addiction? You may feel as though you have wasted your life all this while, but look beyond all that. No matter how deep you have gotten into addiction, it is never too late to turn a new leaf. Visualize a brighter future ahead of you when you finally say goodbye to addiction. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we offer free insurance verification to verify your benefits. Our team deals with your insurance provider on your behalf, ensuring you have the best drug treatment plan available. Our team determines the best possible treatment plan for you without cutting quality. Resurgence offers DBT for clients that suffer from a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health disorders.

All things come to an end, even an addiction. Breaking free is difficult, but it is the best decision you can ever make. While this might sound cliché, one of the things you can do is write a goodbye letter to your addiction. This method has helped many people let go of their issues. Without you, I am accomplishing more than I ever have. Without you, I am returning to the life and people I once loved because I know they still love me. If you’re struggling with self-judgment, check out The Mighty’s No Shame group. It’s a safe space to share how you’re feeling with other people who get it.

Addiction Essential Reads

I spent time in prison because of you. You sent me to the hospital more than a few times. I felt so alone, even though I had you. And I knew there was nothing I could do about it. I stopped frequenting the liquor store you always hung around in. I cleaned my apartment and redecorated to remove all traces of you from my life.

  • Going through detox and addiction treatment is effective, but it’s common to enter sobriety feeling like there are unresolved issues.
  • And it really resonates with me, how our addiction can become our best friend at such a high price.
  • I hit some of the lowest points in my life, and I now realize that I am worth more.
  • I make a commitment to deliver as many as I can from your false grip.

In addition, Jay serves as Treasurer/Secretary of the Foundation of Recovery Science and Education. He has also served on an advisory committee with LegitScript, certification that lets search engines know which treatment centers operate safely and legally. CBT addresses drug addiction by making you aware of negative thinking so you can effectively challenge yourself. While our clinical team recommends therapeutic writing, we also know there is more to accomplish for a successful recovery.

A Letter From the Addict to the Addiction

We know continual support is essential in saying goodbye to your addiction, which is why we offer extended support. We work with faith and science-based modalities, such as AA and SMART recovery, to help our patients find long-term sobriety. MAT is crucial for life-threatening detox processes. Make this goodbye letter to addiction your last one. Now you’ve been out of my life for three years. I realize when I first left you, I never properly said goodbye. I guess back then, when I first got sober, I wasn’t confident that I would stay that way. I’m taking enormous strides in my life. When I first met you, I wasn’t sure how I felt. I liked the way you made me feel but I didn’t like how I was around you.

We make it our top priority to provide you with the most satisfying experience possible in your journey to health. Joined Find Addiction Rehabs with extensive experience in the field of addiction treatment. As a former Nurse Practitioner in Miami, Sober Home she found her passion for addiction treatment when a family member was lost to his disease. With each article and resource, she hopes to save other families from experiencing the anguish of a loved one’s passing due to drinking or drugs.

I still fantasize about you sometimes. Getting high with you was an amazing experience; I never cared about the consequences of my behavior. I don’t know why goodbye letter to drug of choice I didn’t do it before. Maybe I was embarrassed to admit how much control I’d given you… But I was so desperate, I called someone I knew who was sober.

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